Consulting Guidelines

Recognizing the professional development and enhancement opportunities provided through consulting, it shall be considered reasonable and desirable for Public Service and Outreach (PSO) faculty to engage in consulting activities. Consulting by Public Service & Outreach faculty benefits both the University and the individual through the exchange of information, the development of new concepts, and the broadening of personal and professional contacts. Through consulting, the public service faculty can enhance the professional image of the University.


Since the entire State of Georgia is the campus for Public Service & Outreach faculty, consulting activities must be restricted to out-of-state clients. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the unit administrator (e.g., dean, director, or department head) and the vice president for public service and outreach. No exceptions will be granted where the potential exists for conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest.

Procedure for Prior Approval

Each member of the Public Service & Outreach faculty desiring to provide services for a fee to be paid directly or indirectly to the faculty member must obtain prior approval for such activity. The Public Service & Outreach Out-of-State Consulting Request Form should be completed, signed by the requesting faculty member and approved by his/her appropriate dean/director/department head. All forms must be submitted five working days before the actual consulting days. Failure to submit forms in a timely manner may result in the consulting days being charged against the respective faculty member”s accumulated annual leave. Copies of the signed approval form will be maintained in the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflict of interest as used herein refers to situations in which the personal interest of a faculty member may prevent, or give the appearance of preventing, that faculty member from making unbiased decisions or from giving objective advice or opinions to University client groups or other citizens whom the faculty member is being paid to serve. Unit directors will determine whether such potential exists. Appeals of unit administrators” decisions are to be made to the VP Public Service & Outreach.

Use of University Resources

It shall be the responsibility of the University faculty member engaging in outside consulting to make it clear to the client that the consultant does not represent the University of Georgia in the performance of the work. Use of University letterhead or logo on any document related to the consulting activity is prohibited. Furthermore, any use of University resources shall be reimbursed to the University by the faculty member performing the consulting service.

Accounting for Time Spent Consulting

Since consulting is viewed as a form of professional development, up to two days per month may be granted for consulting activities. Consulting days are not cumulative. Any consulting days exceeding two per month must be taken as annual leave. A completed leave form must accompany the Public Service & Outreach Out-of-State Consulting Form in such cases.

Variations or Refinements To This Policy

The unique nature of the programs of some of the Public Service & Outreach units may require modifications to these policies that would not be appropriate for other units. Accordingly, unit administrators are hereby authorized to adopt additional policies, subject to the approval of the VP Public Service & Outreach.