In January, students in Kindergarten through the fifth grade in Colquitt County began a pilot program using a research-based leadership curriculum created by the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development.

The Youth Leadership in Action curriculum, incorporated into language arts classes, introduces the concepts of leadership, citizenship, and the character traits associated with effective leaders, while recognizing that each student has leadership potential.

Colquitt County is an alumnus of the UGA Archway Partnership and is a 2015 GeorgiaLEADS community. Colquitt County leaders identified youth leadership as a top priority through a needs-assessment process.

At the end of the school year, the teachers in grades K-5 will provide feedback to the Fanning Institute that will help Fanning faculty effectively implement the curriculum in other school districts.

In 2005, Colquitt County was the pilot for UGA’s Archway Partnership, which connects the community with the many resources at the university to help address critical issues. Though the county rotated out of the partnership in 2011, many of the initiatives put in place since 2005 remain active today.

In 2015, Colquitt County was one of 10 counties and two multi-county regions selected as inaugural participants in GeorgiaLEADS, a partnership between the J.W. Fanning Institute of Leadership Development and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, designed to build a pipeline of trained leaders throughout the state.

Archway Partnership and the Fanning Institute are both units of UGA Public Service and Outreach.