Barbara Burgess recently earned Local Finance Officer Certification through the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s financial management training program.

Burgess, who works with the city of Monroe, was recognized with Level I certification for pursuing professional development in governmental finance, accounting, budgeting and more.

Level I certification requires finance officers to participate in 108 hours of instruction about the intricacies of government budgeting, purchasing, accounting and other public finance topics. Level II Certified Financial Officers receive an additional 84 hours of instruction in intermediate governmental accounting and budgeting principles, internal controls, and revenue administration as well as public finance electives.

Thirty-nine local officials from around the state earned their Level I or Level II Local Finance Officer Certification at the same time as Burgess.

“These community leaders strengthened the skills they need to maintain sound accounting practices and build strong financial foundations for their governments,” said Tracy Arner, financial management training program manager at the Carl Vinson Institute.