Are you ready to help grow your job market?

  • Archway Partnership faculty engage community members in discussions around local job creation, infrastructure needs, and workforce development and then provide access to higher education resources that can assist with job market enhancement.
  • The SBDC provides marketing research to help communities identify opportunities for new business development, understand current labor supply, and ascertain consumer preference and purchasing patterns.
  • The Vinson Institute works with state and local governments to survey employers about their workforce needs so that community leaders can respond to changes in local labor markets. Institute faculty conduct wage surveys of employers regionally to develop updated data for decision making, and they collect information about the specific knowledge and skills demanded by employers to aid workforce development initiatives.

    Contact: Rob Gordon

  • Dynamic leadership can directly impact the quality, revenue, profitability, bench strength and market share of an organization. Leadership development programs at the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development can help build the leadership skills of any management team and help them understand calculated risk taking, foster innovation and entrepreneurship, and reach enterprise goals.

    Contact: Dr. Rich McCline

  • The Georgia Center’s Professional and Personal development staff works with faculty and associations from around the world to determine skill sets necessary to thrive in the every changing job market. They then develop courses and programs that help individuals train in these specific areas in order to find employment or take on larger roles within their organization.

    Contact: Denise Logan

  • MAREX and Georgia Sea Grant provide federally mandated HACCP training that is required for all seafood wholesalers. Without this seafood safety training, 200 Georgia businesses would not be permitted to operate. A trained workforce is essential to this market.

    Contact: Tori Stivers

  • Georgia Sea Grant and MAREX are helping the coastal building industry rebound by educating developers and contractors about the new green development market and the economic incentives and benefits of creating sustainable communities.

    Contact: Keren Giovengo and Kelly Spratt