Are you ready to strengthen leadership skills?

  • The Archway Partnership brings together key community stakeholders to assess needs and priorities related to leadership development and then connects them to UGA public service units that can assist with implementation of local leadership programs targeted to these needs.
  • The Vinson Institute provides leadership development and other professional training for government officials and employees at all levels, from frontline supervisors to elected officials. Its programs for city and county officials and managers, state agency employees, and state legislators help them manage public programs more efficiently and respond to constituent needs.

    Contact: Murray Weed

  • The J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development builds leadership capacity through high quality leadership programming for leaders at all levels and of all ages. Fanning’s community leadership development programs are designed to strengthen community leadership capacity as local leaders work to address their own community issues. Youth leadership programs at Fanning help young people develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding to become effective leaders and become engaged in their communities. Fanning also offers leadership and professional development programming for non-profit organizations. Leadership competency training, collaborative decision-making, leading change, cultural competency/diversity training, executive coaching, board governance, and conflict resolution/mediation are among the leadership development services the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development offers.

  • The Georgia Center works with leaders throughout the University and beyond to provide professional development training for all levels of employees. This includes both those development opportunities we conduct ourselves or as the hub for thought leaders visiting the University

    Contact: Denise Logan

  • MAREX educational programs are designed to provide students and citizens with the knowledge and tools needed to lead coastal communities. Visitors to the aquarium and students groups participating in educational programs come away motivated to help protect coastal ecosystems and make informed decisions about ocean and coastal resources in the future.

    Contact: Anne Lindsay

  • MAREX and Georgia Sea Grant provide on the job training for post-baccalaureate graduates through 50-week internships in marine education. Successful interns typically continue as graduate students or young professionals in fields of scientific research, formal and environmental education and interpretive work.

    Contact: Maryellen Timmons

  • MAREX provides classroom teachers with the tools, methodology and inspiration to use marine science research and teaching topics in their professional work. Educators who complete summer graduate courses and periodic professional development courses through MAREX typically become leaders of coastal and ocean literacy initiatives and program development in their home school systems.

    Contact: Maryellen Timmons

  • Georgia Sea Grant is studying how organizations seek input from their stakeholders, how well expectations of both the organizations and stakeholders are met, and how the process can be improved in order to promote effective participation in the resolution of issues in coastal Georgia.

    Contact: Charles Hopkinson

  • Georgia Sea Grant brings scientists together with state and federal agencies who regulate coastal resources in order to help agencies access the latest science and to guide scientists in developing applied research.

    Contact: Merryl Alber