Are you ready to strengthen regional or local economic development strategies?

  • MAREX and Georgia Sea Grant programs promote low impact development, green building technologies, on-site wastewater treatment systems, water conservation and reuse and protection of fragile coastal ecosystems from water quality impairment. Working with local communities, faculty and staff can help development authorities insure that development is accomplished with minimal environmental impacts.

    Contact: Lisa Liguori

  • MAREX and Georgia Sea Grant have served the Georgia coast for over 40 years, combining state funding with federal Sea Grant funding to address community needs, anticipate future challenges and help make Georgia more competitive and prosperous.

    Contact: Mark Risse

  • Georgia Sea Grant and MAREX facilitate community strategic planning and adaptation to protect Georgia’s coastal assets from storm surge, flooding, sea level rise and extreme weather events.

    Contact: Kelly Spratt

  • Georgia Sea Grant and MAREX work with coastal governments to help communities develop and use land in an economically sustainable way, utilizing the latest technology and scientific information.

    Contact: Kelly Spratt