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Georgia Center offers course on machine learning and data science for executives

The UGA Center for Continuing Education & Hotel now offers a new course for business executives that demystifies machine learning and data science and focuses on the practical applications of these revolutionary technologies in business.

Taught by Jagannath Rao, a professor in the UGA College of Engineering and a senior vice president of data services for Siemens, the course is designed for people with little to no coding experience, and provides hands-on experience building and implementing data science projects.

Participants in the inaugural class were from Lockheed Martin, Quicklogic Corporation, Sandia National Laboratories, Recro Gainesville Development LLC, and NASA, among others.

“This course focused on making AI practical in a corporate environment and is geared to leaders tasked with setting such strategy for their business,” said Chris Rogers from SensiML Corp, who was in the first class.

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