Supervisors and managers from five area municipalities recently came together to tackle a problem that plagues each – lack of adequate address markers.

Leaders from Columbia County, Harlem, Waynes-boro and Thomson joined forces for a class project during a Management Development Program through the Carl Vinson Institute of Government of the University of Georgia.

“This is a class project,” said Columbia County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Danny Kuhlmann, who is in the class. “Everybody had to come together and put forth into it.”

Kuhlmann said the 24 class members agreed to address the problem. The goal was to identify as many residences as possible without address markings and to provide and install an address marker at the property. The 119 properties identified in the five areas included more than 20 in Columbia County.

The markers, which the fire department has been selling and installing for years, were ordered pre-made and will be installed in all five areas by mid-June. Class members solicited donations, fundraised or paid their portion of the $1,800 needed to purchase the address signs.

“The project had to be lasting and visual,” Kuhlmann said. “It helps everybody.”

Address markers are crucial for emergency responders such as firefighters, police and emergency medical services to locate homes, especially in rural areas.

The project, the class members hope, will have a big effect and help save lives in times of crisis.

The address markers are free for the homeowners.