Fellows meet regularly throughout the academic year and receive an award of up to $2,500 to develop a proposed service-learning project. The 2012-13 Service-Learning Fellows are

  • Michael Castengera, senior lecturer of journalism and telecommunication, who will connect citizen journalists with student journalists who have worked on the Grady Newsource and are now in the advanced reporting and producing class to develop more in-depth video reports on issues of community-wide interest.
  • Ann Glauser, associate professor of academic enhancement, who plans to work with the Office of School Engagement in the College of Education to develop and host campus visits by local school children, allowing students to apply interpersonal, leadership and critical thinking skills.
  • Betina Kaplan, associate professor of romance languages, will build on the Practicum in Service-Learning course, which allows students to use their developing language skills in community settings by creating additional opportunities for students to foster literacy skills with local Spanish-speaking adults.
  • Anna Karls, associate professor of microbiology, will work with the Office of Service-Learning and the Graduate School to expand career development in sevice-learning and community engagement for current graduate students, including a course entitled “Approaches to Community Engagement.”
  • Emily Sahakian, assistant professor of theatre and film and romance languages, will develop and teach a new course in community-based theatre in which students will collaborate with youth from the local community to apply acting and improvisation to solving real-world problems and concerns.
  • Ajay Sharma, assistant professor of veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging, will develop clinical rotations for advanced veterinary students to help them apply and communicate their medical skills in a community setting. The interactions should help foster a desire in local children for higher education focused on science, particularly veterinary medical careers.
  • Anne Shenk, public service assistant and education director at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, will develop and co-teach interdisciplinary after-school gardening courses that will provide UGA students experience in environmental and science education through working with children in applied, school-garden settings.
  • Kim Skobba, assistant professor of housing and consumer economics, will connect her students with local nonprofit housing organizations to give students the opportunity to build job-related skills while learning about management of the organizations and the populations they serve.
  • Julie Spivey, associate professor of graphic design, will identify and support graphic design students in various opportunities to collaborate with community and campus organizations to create visual communication that will inspire positive social impact. Academic service-learning integrates organized service activities that meet community-identified needs into academic courses as a way to enhance understanding of academic content, teach civic responsibility and provide mutual benefit to the community. The Office of Service-Learning is jointly supported by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction and the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, which takes the expertise and resources of the university into the state.

For more information on the Service-Learning Fellows Program, visit the Office of Service-Learning’s website at www.servicelearning.uga.edu.