A travel-themed bulldog now greets visitors to the UGA Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel. Exploration Dawg, designed by UGA graphic design student Ellie Varicak, represents the university’s wide range of study abroad programs.

“The design was chosen because it showcases the Georgia Center as a prominent gateway, not only to the University of Georgia, but to the world, through our exceptional educational programs and services,” said Georgia Center Director Dawn Carter.

Varicak’s design was selected as the winner in a contest held by the Georgia Center and UGA Lamar Dodd School of Art to design a fiberglass bulldog for the front of the Georgia Center’s building.

“Exploration Dawg brings together the memories and experiences of many places and many cultures,” she explained in her proposal. “Not only does UGA make it possible for students to wander the lands of exotic cities and immerse themselves in different cultures, but UGA also makes the point of bringing this worldliness back together. UGA is a common ground between many cultures and many lives.”