Funding Request Guidelines

The Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach accepts letters of request for funding support to advance outreach and the scholarship of engagement at the University of Georgia. Such projects typically range from $500 to $5000. Requests should be directed to the Vice President’s attention by a dean, department head, or unit head.

Successful letters of request typically meet the criteria below.

  • The request is for a one-time need, which should not require annual renewal or be part of a regular annual budget.
  • The request includes matching support by another UGA unit(s). Letters of support may be attached.
  • The request outlines how UGA students will be involved in the project.
  • If the request is being made by a student, the request outlines how the student’s program of study will be enhanced by the project. A letter of support by a faculty member or department head should be attached.
  • The request includes a plan of how the project will be documented (a demonstration that the proposer has met with the unit’s communication director, or the public service and outreach public relations coordinator.)
  • The letter of request includes a proposed budget, with the portion of the project to be funded by the Vice President clearly designated.

Proposers may be asked to provide additional information before the request is fully considered.

Funding requests are reviewed at the end of each month. One- to two-page letters of request may be sent to:

Vice President Jennifer Frum

c/o Steve Dempsey

Office of the Vice President for Public Service & Outreach

University of Georgia

Treanor House

1234 S. Lumpkin Street

Athens, GA 30602-3692

Funds awarded are state funds, and therefore subject to all state-fund rules and regulations.

Awarded projects are asked to:

  • Submit a summary report documenting the activity and the funding – by the date agreed upon on the Fund Award form. Attach agendas, brochures, photos or other materials associated with the activity.
  • Include the Office the Vice President logo on all printed materials related to the activity, and include – where appropriate – the following statement: This ______________ is supported, in part, by the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach.

Questions may be directed to associate vice president Steve Dempsey at 706-542-6045 or