Facilitation Academy


The UGA Public Service and Outreach Facilitation Academy is a professional development program that provides a select number of diverse faculty and staff the opportunity to cultivate effective facilitation, leadership and presentation skills.

The curriculum incorporates core competencies that address the set of skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to facilitate in a wide variety of environments. The skills and tools participants learn through training will aid them in:

  • Creating collaborative client relationships;
  • Planning appropriate group processes;
  • Creating and sustaining participatory environments;
  • Guiding groups to appropriate and useful outcomes; and
  • Building professional knowledge and modeling positive professional approaches.

Facilitation Academy Graduates

Purpose and Goals

  • Offer a professional development program to faculty and staff who would like to use facilitation and process design in their work but who do not consider themselves facilitators or have not received formal training.
  • Enhance the facilitation and process design capacity of current faculty and staff by broadening and deepening their knowledge and skills.
  • Enhance the collective capacity of faculty and staff to make them the provider of first-choice for facilitation and process design work in public settings throughout the state.
  • Create a network of internal facilitation and process consultants through peer modeling, mentoring and learning.
  • Offer facilitation training, education, development and certification to current and prospective practitioners within and possibly outside UGA.


The academy is open to all faculty rank and professional staff within all PSO units, Extension, schools/colleges and departments across campus, who desire to integrate facilitation and process design in their university work with internal and external colleagues and constituents. Participants must be nominated by a director, department head or dean. The academy will begin each year in January and include five two-day sessions throughout the year. For consideration, participants must commit to attend all sessions.

The PSO facilitation committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2019 cohort.  Deans, directors and department heads may submit nominations here.  The deadline for all nominations is Monday, November 5, 2018.

Submit Nominations

More information on the 2019 dates for each session and module


For questions, contact Steve Dempsey, associate vice president for public service and outreach, at ovppso@uga.edu or 706-542-6167.