PSO Graduate Assistantship Program

The Public Service and Outreach (PSO) Graduate Assistantship Program provides UGA graduate students with expanded opportunities for engaging in applied research and public service and outreach endeavors while contributing to UGA’s goal of enhancing graduate education.


The purpose of the PSO Graduate Assistant Program is to increase the number of graduate assistants working within the eight (8) PSO units and to give UGA graduate students the opportunity to work alongside PSO unit faculty and staff members on public service and outreach programs and projects to further support and advance the university’s land-grant and sea-grant mission.


PSO Graduate Assistantship Program opportunities are open to those students who are currently or will be enrolled in the Graduate School in a degree seeking status for the 2020-2021 academic year. A graduate student’s course of study and expertise should align with current programs and initiatives of the PSO unit in which they wish to apply.


In order to be considered by a PSO unit for this assistantship program, graduate students must submit an Application of Interest through the application portal and attach supporting documents no later than Midnight EST on Monday, April 6, 2020. (See process below)


  • Familiarize yourself with the eight (8) PSO units and their current program initiatives to determine if your background, expertise, and course of study aligns with the unit’s mission and priorities. Students should apply directly to the unit(s) that match best with their graduate research topic. You may find a list of units and the graduate assistantship program coordinator for each unit here.  If you have any questions regarding the unit’s program or requirements, we encourage you to reach out to the unit’s program coordinator before submitting an application.
  • Submit a completed application of interest, along with attaching a cover letter and current resume or curriculum vitae through the application portal. The application may be submitted at any time before the deadline.
  • Students must submit a separate application for each unit (if applying to more than one) by the deadline of Midnight EST on Monday, April 6, 2020. If submitting multiple applications, it is very important to ensure each cover letter outlines how the student’s expertise and background aligns with the specific unit’s initiatives, current programs, and mission.
  • After the application deadline, students may be contacted for an interview by the PSO unit to determine whether the student’s course of study and background will complement the unit’s mission.
  • PSO units will submit a proposal for requested funding for assistantships to the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach once they have determined the need for their unit.
  • Students should receive communication regarding the application status directly from the unit once the proposal process is complete. All communication should be sent by early May 2020.


PSO Graduate Assistantships are funded, in part, by the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach. This support is provided to the requesting unit upon funding approval and stipends are managed directly by the unit. The Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach does not receive applications from students and are not involved in the application selection process.


For frequently asked questions, please visit this link.  If your question is not addressed and pertains to the correlation between your course of study/qualifications and the PSO unit, please first review the unit’s website for further information or contact the unit representative directly.

  • A list of all PSO units can be found here.
  • A list of PSO Graduate Assistantship coordinators by unit can be found here.
  • The PSO Graduate Assistantship Application Portal can be found here.

For questions regarding the overall Graduate Assistantship application process (not unit specific), please contact the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach at or (706) 542-6167.