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Researchers discuss plans for increased flooding on Tybee Island


Folks on Tybee Island are preparing for future flooding. On Monday, researchers from the University of Georgia visited to discuss ways to plan for increased flooding due to sea level rise and more frequent and severe storm surges. Several options, including sea walls, elevated infrastructure and beach renourishment, were presented at the public meeting.

“The latest science is indicating that the rate is accelerating. The Tybee road is already under water four or five times a year. With one foot of sea level rise, which is likely within 30 years at the accelerated pace, the road is most likely going to be underwater 100 times a year. We have very critical issues we need to be addressing and we need to be budgeting to make some serious changes,” said Paul Wolff, Tybee Island City Council.

A follow-up meeting in planned for this spring.

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