Three employees of the UGA Center for Continuing Education & Hotel were presented Public Service and Outreach Employee Spotlight Awards in May.

Receiving the awards were Andy Stowe, a systems administrator; Jacob Johnson, assistant catering manager; and John Lawrence, a food service worker.

Stowe was nominated by Mike Compton, Information Technology director at the Georgia Center.

“Andy has the rare ability to fix whatever issue the coworker has, train them so that they learn and grow from the experience, and communicate with them in a personalized and warm way,” Compton said in his nomination. “Andy has helped cultivate a partnership between the Georgia Center and other IT Departments on campus.”

Johnson and Lawrence were nominated by Georgia Center Director Stacy Jones.

Jacob Johnson receiving his award from PSO Vice President Jennifer Frum.

In Johnson’s nomination, Jones cited a letter she received from a Georgia Center client, whose event had to start earlier than planned and had attracted more participants than expected. Johnson helped the client, a national trade association based in Atlanta, “pivot seamlessly,” according to the letter.

“When rave reviews like this come in, unsolicited, on quick-pivots and unexpected changes, you are delighted to read them and share them,” Jones said. “When they come in on employees who are (among) your newest recruits who have only been here a few months you are beyond proud.”

Jones said she received two letters praising Lawrence for his customer service.

John Lawrence receiving his award from PSO Vice President Jennifer Frum.

One from a UGA employee in a different area on campus, wrote: “I have engaged with John on so many occasions, I cannot even highlight one experience over another – because they have all been, and continue to be exemplary. John really, truly, does exemplify customer service and he makes everyone feel so welcome.”

“When John Lawrence walks into work, every time, he is 100% focused on serving his customers and delivering a hot meal with a big smile and a lot of care,” Jones wrote in her nomination. “John doesn’t show up for work; John shows up to serve. He approaches every customer as an opportunity to exceed expectations.”

All three men received a gift basket of treats and a framed certificate recognizing the award.

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