ATHENS, Ga. — University of Georgia President-elect Jere Morehead announced plans Monday to restructure the senior administration.

The reorganization, scheduled to take effect July 1, is intended to increase the amount of information that flows directly to and from his office, school officials said in a statement.

The restructuring calls for the school’s senior vice president to serve as senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. The vice presidents for instruction, research, public service and outreach, student affairs and information technology will report to the provost. Deans of the university’s respective schools and colleges will also report to the provost.

The university’s vice presidents for finance and administration, development and alumni relations will report to Morehead. The vice presidents for government relations and public affairs will also report to Morehead.

Kathy Pharr, the vice president of finance and administration, said of the shift essentially flattens the university’s administrative structure.

“It gives the president more direct lines of communications with more people,” she said, adding that no administrative positions were expected to be eliminated in the restructuring.

“We have an outstanding leadership team on this campus, and I plan to meet with them on a regular basis so that I can make decisions that reflect their input as well as the input of those who report to them,” Morehead said in a statement.

The state Board of Regents unanimously named Morehead university president in early February. Morehead, who has served as vice president for academic affairs and school provost since 2009, will replace Michael Adams on July 1.