To celebrate National Pollinator Week, the Marine Extension Service and Georgia Sea Grant plan to commemorate the week, and doing so, the CoastScapes sustainable landscaping program will hold an event in Brunswick to “kickoff” the week.

The event, to be held on June 20 at the MAREX Brunswick station and native plant demonstration garden at 715 Bay St., is sponsored by CoastScapes and several other partners. Along with the Glynn County Farm Bureau’s Beekeepers’ Committee, other national groups are helping with the event.

“We’re having partners – the USDA and the Natural Resources Conservation Services – they are federally very much promoters of pollinator protection and habitat,” said Keren Giovengo, program manager for CoastScapes.

“Pollinators are imperative to us for our survival,” Giovengo said. “One out of every three bites [of food] or drinks that you take is dependent on a pollinator. They’re providing us with food and beverages and clothing. Even some of our medicine is dependent on pollinators.”

In its second year, the event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, one hour longer than last year’s event. With such positive feedback from the first event, Giovengo said holding a second celebration was assumed.

“We had one last year as well, and it was just two hours last year, and we had about 68 people come,” Giovengo said. “I had emails inquiring whether we were going to do it again, and I thought absolutely.”

Much like the 2012 event, Giovengo said the kickoff will include tours and sightseeing of over 100 plant species and dozens of different coastal Georgia pollinators.

“We have about half an acre of 120 native plant species,” Giovengo said, “and people can walk around and check out the flowers and pollinators.”

Giovengo said the main reason to celebrate pollinators is that they help provide more things than most people know.