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UGA new faculty get a tour of the state

UGA helps coastal communities mitigate flooding by creating rain gardens to siphon water

If students can’t get to the coast, UGA brings the coast to them

Make way for oysters

Trawling for trash: Using recycled shrimp nets to remove marine debris

UGA Public Service and Outreach awards recognize exemplary service to the state

UGA seafood pitch competition aims to boost coastal economy

UGA creates stormwater management tools to help reduce flooding in coastal communities

UGA program certifies ecotourism guides at the Georgia coast

UGA, fishing industry expand market, protect whales

Closed, but not “closed”: SBDC helps St. Marys business thrive during COVID shutdown

UGA helps coastal communities address a potential public health crisis: Failing septic tanks

UGA partners on study to find sustainable methods of harvesting horseshoe crabs...

New Faculty Tour provides education and impact

Small reptile, big impact: Gopher tortoises in the care of UGA after rescue

Alumni turn their appreciation for the coast into an opportunity for a student

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