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PSO Scholarship Academy Symposium Graduation

The PSO Scholarship Academy will provide knowledge, skills, time and support to focus on scholarly work.

The academy will assist PSO faculty and staff interested in disseminating their knowledge and learnings through policy papers, national conference presentations, and peer reviewed posters and articles. This 14-month program includes seven modules and an end of program symposium.

Scholarly Deliverables/Products

The deliverables for participants in the PSO Scholarship Academy include a completed manuscript with a plan for submission in an academic peer-reviewed journal, and one other scholarly product or activity (policy paper, conference presentation, poster presentation, ignite talks, etc.) that can come from the same body of research.

The academy is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and support structures, including coaches, mentors, and dedicated time, to successfully achieve the goals of the academy and complete the deliverables.

2024-25 Schedule

Expectations of the academy include active engagement and participation in all aspects of the program, which include in-person modules, inter-modular work with a mentor and a peer group and working as a participant pair.

Module 1January 2024Kickoff and Research Basics
Module 2February 2024Honing the Research Question
First Writing RetreatMarch 2024Literature Reviews
Module 3April 2024Study Design
Second Writing RetreatMay 2024Data Collection & Writing
Summer 2024Data Collection
Module 4August 2024Basic Data Analysis
Scheduled Time with MentorsSeptember 2024Data Analysis
Module 5October 2024Writing the Article
Third Writing RetreatNovember 2024Complete Draft of Article
Module 6January 2025Finalizing the Article
Final PresentationsFebruary 2025Scholarship Academy Concludes with End of Program Presentations and Celebration

Additional Information

  • Most modules are to be delivered in-person.
  • Inter-modular work will be expected between each module including a virtual meeting with a mentor and a peer group.
  • For more information about the program, please contact: Paul J. Brooks, Associate Vice President, Public Service and Outreach at or 706-542-6045; or Stacy Jones, Director, UGA Center for Continuing Education and Hotel, at or 706-542-3451.

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