Hometown: Suwanee, GA

Year: Junior

College: Franklin College of Arts and SciencesTerry College of Business

Major: Sociology, women’s studies and economics

Internship Unit: Carl Vinson Institute of Government


Have you participated in experiential learning? 

I spent the summer after my freshman year studying biomedical ethics at Oxford University.

Have you had any internships? 

Last summer I interned with an intellectual property law firm called Litvin Legales in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned tons about intellectual property law and also got experience performing IP research, creating trademark search reports and improving my Spanish.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In an ideal world, I see myself as a practicing civil rights attorney. I hope to also be actively involved in policy efforts that attempt to make the U.S. civil justice system more equitable.

Why did you apply for PSO Scholars? 

I’ve had more than one friend tell me about how impactful this experience was for them, and I genuinely wanted to be a part of a program that engages with public service in a way that relates to my future career interests.

What excites you most about your unit? 

I am especially interested in working at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, because I am excited to see how policy is crafted at the local level.

What do you hope to get out of this experience? 

In addition to learning how policy is crafted at the local level, I also hope to learn how it is adapted to fit a certain community, and how the implementation of said policy can effect tangible change in that community.

Why is service and outreach important to you? 

Service and outreach, especially in regards to the University of Georgia, is important to me because the university has the ability to use its resources to improve the rest of the state, and I want to be a small part of that change.

Fun fact: 

I broke my arm by falling off of a couch!

“Taken in Calafate, Argentina, this picture highlights my love of travel and is a testament to how wonderful UGA makes it for students to travel and study or work abroad!”

The Public Service & Outreach Student Scholars program provides the opportunity for a select cohort of undergraduate students to explore and engage with the University of Georgia’s public service and outreach (PSO) mission. Supported by the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, and administered through the Office of Service-Learning, this year-long program is intended to provide deeper understanding of PSO’s purpose, breadth, and depth through supervised service experiences with PSO and communities, to help students link their public service experiences with their career and educational goals, and to create a community of student scholars who understand the role of public service in Georgia and more broadly.

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