Hometown: Columbus, GA

Year: Senior

College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences,  School of Public and International Affairs

Major: English and international affairs

Internship Unit: Carl Vinson Institute of Government


Have you participated in experiential learning? 

Yes, I worked with Elizabeth Davis, senior academic professional, in her class, “Writing for the Community,” where we created the Traditions Highway 15 magazine. I also volunteered abroad as a summer English instructor in Romania.

Have you had any internships? 

I have worked with the Carl Vinson institute of Government on downtown redevelopment, and in the office of communications.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I hope to be working as a legal counsel at an intelligence agency.

Why did you apply for PSO Scholars? 

I was interested in seeing how I could fit into that part of the university’s mission.

What excites you most about your unit? 

Being able to see government work in action. We get a lot of abstract knowledge in the classroom, but seeing it in action is super eye-opening and great experience.

What do you hope to get out of this experience? 

A good springboard for further government work.

Why is service and outreach important to you? 

I think it’s such a hidden world. At least it definitely was to me! When I started college, I learned a lot about working in the private world, law, business, but we never really talked about public service. This program changed that, and I am glad to have been a part of Carl Vinson to help assist in such a critical mission.

Fun fact: 

I’m trilingual! I speak Hindi Marathi and English and I’m learning Spanish. Part of the reason that I became so interested in pursuing a degree an English was because of my love for learning different languages and it’s role in literature.

The Public Service & Outreach Student Scholars program provides the opportunity for a select cohort of undergraduate students to explore and engage with the University of Georgia’s public service and outreach (PSO) mission. Supported by the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, and administered through the Office of Service-Learning, this year-long program is intended to provide deeper understanding of PSO’s purpose, breadth, and depth through supervised service experiences with PSO and communities, to help students link their public service experiences with their career and educational goals, and to create a community of student scholars who understand the role of public service in Georgia and more broadly.

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