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UGA helps coastal communities mitigate flooding by creating rain gardens to siphon water

The highest property in the Urbana-Perry Park neighborhood in Brunswick, Ga., sits just 10 feet above sea level. Homeowners William and Bonnie Kitts have lived there for nine years. “This is actually my wife’s father’s grandfather’s home that he grew… Full story

If students can’t get to the coast, UGA brings the coast to them

For more than 50 years, educators at the UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium on Skidaway Island have hosted pre-K-12 grade students for hands-on programs about the coastal environment. This year, those educators are taking the show on the road…. Full story

Make way for oysters

UGA helps coastal communities plan for a resurgence in Georgia’s oyster industry Is an oyster livestock? What exactly are the potential land-based components of marine oyster farms? Where might these activities be located, and how can communities adjust their land… Full story

Trawling for trash: Using recycled shrimp nets to remove marine debris

UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant has come up with a creative way to clean up the  Georgia coast and provide financial support to local commercial shrimpers whose income was limited during the pandemic. Through Trawl to Trash, funded… Full story

UGA Public Service and Outreach awards recognize exemplary service to the state

Seven University of Georgia faculty and staff members were honored during the UGA Public Service and Outreach 31stannual awards luncheon for their exemplary service to the state. Maritza Soto Keen, a senior public service faculty member and associate director at… Full story

Small reptile, big impact: Gopher tortoises in the care of UGA after rescue

Young gopher tortoises are finding a new home at UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant while they come out of their shell—figuratively speaking. The gopher tortoises, Georgia’s official state reptile, were rescued as eggs from a site owned by… Full story

Tackling trash—and public health—on the Georgia coast

We know picking up trash helps keep our environment clean, but could it also improve human health? Jennifer Gay, an associate professor in the UGA College of Public Health, is studying the impact of volunteer litter cleanups on the environment… Full story

UGA assisting Savannah with program that offers flood relief, new greenspace and jobs

Savannah lost a lot of trees in Hurricanes Matthew and Irma. UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant is helping restore the lost greenspace in order to decrease flood risk and beautify barren space, while training Savannah residents in landscape… Full story

UGA helps sustain the coastal economy

Diversifying and adapting to change with UGA experts to help is key for coastal businesses Orders come in overnight by emails and through messages left on Charlie Phillips’ phone. By 7:30 a.m., he’s behind the desk in his cramped office-its… Full story

UGA Public Service and Outreach names 2018-2019 Faculty Fellows

New Public Service and Outreach Faculty Fellows for 2018-19 include faculty members from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the College of Public Health, and the College of Engineering. Each will conduct research with a unit of Public Service… Full story

Lefty returns to the wild; UGA Aquarium gets new sea turtle ambassador

After spending his first three years at the UGA Aquarium, Lefty the loggerhead sea turtle was released earlier this month into the Wassaw Sound from the shore of the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge on Skidaway Island, near Savannah. Lefty hatched… Full story

UGA installs first large-scale green infrastructure project in Brunswick

The area next to the soccer field at Brunswick’s Howard Coffin Park received a much-needed facelift in the form of native plants and new soil. The 3,000-square-foot tract is a large scale stormwater demonstration project that UGA Marine Extension and… Full story

New project will investigate the impacts of Georgia’s blue crab fishery

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources awarded Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant a Coastal Incentive Grant to study recreational crabbing in Georgia. As part of the project, Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant will partner with UGA Carl Vinson… Full story

Debris workshop informs K-12 teachers about environmental issues affecting Georgia coast

A group of K-12 teachers stepped off a skiff onto the southern tip of Tybee Island on Tuesday morning. Full story

UGA Skidaway Institute creating educational program using underwater robots

Researchers and educators from the University of Georgia’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and Marine Extension are creating an education program focused on autonomous underwater vehicles, also known as underwater robots. Full story

UGA SkIO/MAREX educate with underwater robots

Researchers and educators from the University of Georgia’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and Marine Extension (MAREX) are creating an education program focused on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), also called gliders or underwater robots. Full story

Administrative manager keeps Marine Extension flowing

Between the seashells, wooden ships and sea animal photos splashed about Marie Scoggins’ office, it’s easy to see why she says she enjoys her job at the Marine Extension Service. Full story

Chasing the origins of the Gulf’s giant shrimp

In the coastal town of Brunswick, Ga., posters decorate the many shrimp docks along Bay Street: “Warning: Asian Tiger Shrimp,” they read. “Please keep an eye out for tiger prawns.They are big and black, with whitish-yellow stripes.” A blown-out photo of a giant black sea creature covers the sign. Full story